Introducing the Sound Buzzers

Introducing the Sound Buzzers on tizU app.

Ok, you have just sent a nice tizU message to your friend.

Your hidden message is really “tizzy” and intriguing but you feel that this is not… enough! You want more…

“Now what, I have to wait until the message opens?”

Not anymore. This is where the “Sound Buzzers” come in.

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New major beta update released!

The v1.1 is officially released!

The new version took a longer time to be released but it contains numerous fixes and improvements that are mainly focused on the “Send New tizU” funnel and the UI of the app, so as to offer a better UX than the previous version.

We reacted according to the precious feedback that our awesome private beta testers gave us and we hope that we made tizU much more fun.

Of course there is still plenty of things to do but we think that this is a good start.


the tizU team

1.0.1 beta version is now available!

Hellooo tizErs!

The 1st beta update of tizU is a fact!

We made tizU reasonably faster and we polished a little bit the experience of sending a new tizU message. Many minor fixes were implemented too.
Now the next goal is to collect even more feedback from our awesome private beta testers about the updated version so as to keep improving the Teasing Experience.
Tease like there’s no tomorrow!
the tizU team