“Our Dream is to make teasing a way of living”

We tease our friends at school, we tease the girl or the boy we fall in love with, we tease the professor at the class, we get teased if our team loses, or if we take the wrong guess at a silly game. It’s the way we have fun with our friends, with our bestfriends or even with strangers. Teasing is the recipe that makes our lives joyful and spontaneous! Why? Because teasing is pure Fun.

Have you ever wondered why¬†we are more miserable as we grow old and more happy when we remember our younger ages? Because we stop doing things we did younger and yes teasing is one of them. It’s not just an act, it’s a way of thinking and a way of living. A much more authentic and real one. So go on, start teasing like there’s no tomorrow and have fun, true Fun.

We believe that teasing is something much deeper than a “childish” game.