It all started 1 year ago…

tizU-app-birthday-1st June
It was exactly 365 days back when it all began.
Spiros had the idea of creating an app about the “told you so’s” and it only took a few seconds until Apostolis said “Let’s do this!”. A lot of work during the hot, Greek summer followed, a really tough Autumn and Winter with countless hours spent over designing a really nice app, an app that we would love to use too. We met hundreds of people that really “hugged” tizU from the first time and numerous that helped us become better and better, always in their own way.
We won’t ever keep track of our “product launch” anniversaries, cause this is not…us, this is not who we are. We want to remember something that really means a lot to us and tizU is far more than a product to us, it’s an idea, a dream and will always stay like this, so as to keep working like there’s no tomorrow to make it better. 
So this is what we celebrate today and we are thankful for,  the idea of tizU, that was born a year ago. We are thankful for trip so far, for all of you that keep playing with it and are willing to give feedback over every new version we release and for all these that will follow.
Thank you from the deepest of our hearts.
Tweet us your wishes at @tizU_app!  #happybdaytizU
Spiros & Apostolis
the tizU team


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