Introducing the Group tizU messages!

group tizU messages

Introducing Group tizU messages!

Teasing a friend with a hidden message is nice…

But teasing ALL your friends at once is…FUN!

You can now send a hidden message to more than 1 people at the same time!

Until now we were giving you the opportunity to tease a friend by sending him or her hidden messages, offering an intriguing experience and allowing you to play with your friend’s curiosity and “torture” him or her.

However, you don’t have just one friend. You have many, so do we and the point after all is to be able to have fun with all of them, or at least be able to do so! This is what you told us during these months that we are working on the app. And you know what? We have said in the past that this app it’s all about you and we are constantly trying to keep our promise. We’ve done that with the changes that v2.0 had and by adding the Sound Buzzers  and we are doing this again with the Group tizU messages!

So, from now on you can send group hidden messages to all your friends and tease them all!

Just pick all the friends you want to tease with your hidden message, write the message, set the time & hit SEND!

Hope you’ll enjoy the new feature!

Have fun tizERs!

the tizU team


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