Introducing the Sound Buzzers

Introducing the Sound Buzzers on tizU app.

Ok, you have just sent a nice tizU message to your friend.

Your hidden message is really “tizzy” and intriguing but you feel that this is not… enough! You want more…

“Now what, I have to wait until the message opens?”

Not anymore. This is where the “Sound Buzzers” come in.

You can now send “buzz” sounds (push notifications) to your friends while a tizU message is still running, to tiz them even more about your hidden message and make them “die from curiosity”! Just push the thunder button you will find within a running tizU and the rest is…magic!

However to experience this funny feature you must have your Push Notifications turned on and believe us, you won’t regret it, it is much better that way.

So make your friends’ iphones shout “tizyaaa!” and keep them hooked on your hidden messages!

We “feel” your needs. 😉

Have fun tizErs!

the tizU team

ps: Be ware cause your friends can make your iphone shout too.

ps2: Haven’t downloaded tizU v2.0 yet? Get it here for free.


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