tizU at the Web Summit!

tizU was one of the ALPHA startups that exhibited at the Web Summit, Europe’s biggest tech event and one of the biggest of the world!

tizU team exhibited at the Web Summit!

tizU promotion booth at the Web Summit! (Day 1- SCL 164)

The startup participated in the Web Summit with a promotion booth at the social area. Attendees had the chance to play with the latest version of the app that it is about to be released in the upcoming weeks.

In total there were more than 2000 companies that visited Dublin and exhibited during the 3 days of the event while the schedule was also full of inspiring talks and intensive workshops.

tizU was also one of the startups that pitched to Seedcamp’s workshop during the 2nd day of the Summit and was 1 of the 15 Greek startups that participated in the Summit.

You can see all the Greek Startups that participated here.


Introducing the Sound Buzzers

Introducing the Sound Buzzers on tizU app.

Ok, you have just sent a nice tizU message to your friend.

Your hidden message is really “tizzy” and intriguing but you feel that this is not… enough! You want more…

“Now what, I have to wait until the message opens?”

Not anymore. This is where the “Sound Buzzers” come in.

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Try the new version of tizU!

tizU v2 open beta event at Foundation

Hello tizErs!

This Wednesday, 11th June, we will be at Found.ation coworking space in Athens (Evristheos 2, K. Petralona) so as to test the new version of tizU with…You!

The event will be open for everyone and you are welcome to bring your own iOS devicewith you. There will be other iOS devices too.

Make sure you register for the event!

Event starts at 6pm (Greece time)

We will be really happy if you show up and we are looking forward to chatting with you in person.


the tizU team

It all started 1 year ago…

tizU-app-birthday-1st June
It was exactly 365 days back when it all began.
Spiros had the idea of creating an app about the “told you so’s” and it only took a few seconds until Apostolis said “Let’s do this!”. A lot of work during the hot, Greek summer followed, a really tough Autumn and Winter with countless hours spent over designing a really nice app, an app that we would love to use too. We met hundreds of people that really “hugged” tizU from the first time and numerous that helped us become better and better, always in their own way.
We won’t ever keep track of our “product launch” anniversaries, cause this is not…us, this is not who we are. We want to remember something that really means a lot to us and tizU is far more than a product to us, it’s an idea, a dream and will always stay like this, so as to keep working like there’s no tomorrow to make it better. 
So this is what we celebrate today and we are thankful for,  the idea of tizU, that was born a year ago. We are thankful for trip so far, for all of you that keep playing with it and are willing to give feedback over every new version we release and for all these that will follow.
Thank you from the deepest of our hearts.
Tweet us your wishes at @tizU_app!  #happybdaytizU
Spiros & Apostolis
the tizU team

tizU Graduates from Cosmote Startup Incubator

This is the 6min sum up video from our 3-month incubator Cosmote Startup.

It was an intensive yet wonderful and valuable program. We have been working at the same place along with other 9 awesome startups, we met many fantastic people and coaches and we truly accelerated the progress of tizU.

Yet when we firstly joined the program we were still designing the prototype. After hours and hours of work we managed to launch our private beta in first place and 2 months later to be able to launch our first public version on Apple’s App Store.

The infrastructures, the networking, the mentoring and last but not least, the demo day helped our startup in a multidimensional way and gave us really important knowledge and connections to move forward with.

We wanna thank Cosmote Startup as well as FoundationEEDE and our great coaches for this unique chance that they gave to us.

Good luck to all startups!

the tizU team

tizU will be at TEDxUniversity of Piraeus!

TEDx University of Piraeus 2014, TEDx event, tizU at TEDx, startup event, youth event, delegate bag, sponsorship,

TEDx University of Piraeus 2014

We are very happy to announce that tizU will be present at the upcoming TEDx event Time Voyagers that will take place at University of Piraeus on 26th of April. The event will host many great speakers from many different backgrounds that will tell us their stories. It will a quite interesting event, so tizU couldn’t be absent. 

Have you booked your ticket yet? Hurry they’ll run out soon!

Visit the site for more info.  

The tizU team

Ps: search for the special QR code card in the awesome delegate bag that guys at TEDx are preparing… #tizyaaa

tizU on the App Store!

tizU itunes, app store, download tizU, download link, itunes link

tizU available on the App Store.

tizU v1.0 is from now on available for free download on Apple’s App Store!

This is a great milestone for us though we have lots of work to do.

We want to make an app that will be pure Fun!

We wanna thank you all for being our early supporters, for your awesome contribution until now and invite you to continue giving us your feedback which is really valuable to us, especially now that we’ve launched tizU!

So don’t stop, this was only the start of a great journey that we want to enjoy alongside with you, having the same dream, the same vision:

“To make teasing a way of living.”

Start teasing your friends like there’s no tomorrow!

Download tizU for your iphone!


the tizU team

New major beta update released!

The v1.1 is officially released!

The new version took a longer time to be released but it contains numerous fixes and improvements that are mainly focused on the “Send New tizU” funnel and the UI of the app, so as to offer a better UX than the previous version.

We reacted according to the precious feedback that our awesome private beta testers gave us and we hope that we made tizU much more fun.

Of course there is still plenty of things to do but we think that this is a good start.


the tizU team