Tease like there's no tomorrow!

“tizU is a free iphone app that allows you to send hidden messages to your friends!”

How it works

Take a Pic

take a picture (tizU)

Take a pic of something cool!

Set the timer


Set the time your message will be revealed!

Pick your friends... and Go!

Pick your Friends you wanna tease!

Pick your friends you wanna tease!

“Our Dream is to make teasing a way of living”

We tease our friends at school, we tease the girl or the boy we fall in love with, we tease the professor at the class, we get teased if our team loses, or if we take the wrong guess at a silly game. It’s the way we have fun with our friends, with our bestfriends or even with strangers. Teasing is the recipe that makes our lives joyful and spontaneous! Why? Because teasing is pure Fun.

Have you ever wondered why we are more miserable as we grow old and more happy when we remember our younger ages? Because we stop doing things we did younger and yes teasing is one of them. It’s not just an act, it’s a way of thinking and a way of living. A much more authentic and real one. So go on, start teasing like there’s no tomorrow and have fun, true Fun.

We believe that teasing is something much deeper than a “childish” game.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ok, but what can I tease my friend about? Useful! Not useful!

    Everything actually! Just play with your friends' curiosity. Tease your best friend about the gift you bought for her or him, about who you dated on Saturday night, tease your friends about the scorer of Sunday's match, or just send a tizU saying where you hid the chocolates!

    Let your creativity and inspiration to find out how you can tease your friends with a message that is partly visible and partly hidden. Don't forget about time, timing is everything...


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  • Can anyone see what I write? Useful! Not useful!

    Nope. Only the recipient of your tizU. We use high level encryption protocols so as to ensure that our users can have fun and not having to worry about their privacy. You can also read our privacy policy.


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  • Do I need an iphone to run tizU? Useful! Not useful!

    Yes, for the time being only those having an iphone, an ipad or an ipod touch can play with tizU. We will release an Android version too in the future. You can request it here to speed up the process. ;)


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  • Does the tizU team know who sends what? Useful! Not useful!

    All of your posts are encrypted such that nobody, including our team, can see your content. Your tizUs are safe with us. :)


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  • How can I invite my friends on tizU? Useful! Not useful!

    You can invite them from the "Invite a friend" button in the side menu, inside the app. Alternatively, you can send just share this link: http://bit.ly/tizu-itunes


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Spiros Xenos
Spiros Xenos

Designer & Developer

Being raised in a family that art and computers were the center of attention, he had the opportunity to explore both worlds at an early age. He started working as a computer technician and SQL developer while studying for his BSc degree in the American College of Greece. Fortunately, color, sketch, animation and design were inscribed in his DNA. The result, of combining art and programming, was an MA in computer animation and special effects at the University of Bradford. In 2007, he started working as a 3D generalist, graphic designer and flash developer. From 2009 he works as a freelancer. In June 2013 he co-founded tizU with his cousin, Apostolis.

Apostolis Lianos
Apostolis Lianos

Business & Marketing

It was during his studies at Athens University of Economics and Business that Apostolis was charmed from the world of Marketing. Thus, while still in university he won two student competitions and since 2008 he has been working on Retail, Digital Marketing, Branding and Social Media projects, acquiring valuable experience. In 2013, he decided to “dive” into entrepreneurship's world, as he believes that there is nothing more challenging than building a brand from zero. So, in January 2013, he co-founded Pinobo, his 1st startup which made him learn a lot about startups and in June 2013 he co- founded tizU. Since then he has been working in full dedication to make tizU a great app, alongside with his cousin - and partner- Spiros.

We are hiring!
We are hiring!

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We are currently looking for experienced and ambitious iOS & Android developers to get our core team bigger! If you think that you have what it takes and you like tizU, don't hesitate to mail us your CV or/and some words about you.

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